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A modern design cuckoo clock, different, and with multiple options. Here we explain them.

Made of lacquered wood, black or white.

Each hour the doors open and you see the bird singing depending on the option you have selected:

- Each time sounds a different bird

- Every hour sings our favorite bird

- Every hour the cuckoo sings

Pendulum swings. The pendulum can be removed and put the watch on a table or shelf.

The sounds of the birds are real, recorded directly from nature.

It has a light sensor, which automatically disconnects the songs of the birds when it gets dark.

It has sound volume control.

Each clock comes with 4 different colors of pendulums and birds, easily interchangeable.

Dimensions: 27.5 cm (H) x 17.2 cm (width) x 11 cm (depth).

Battery operated (not included).


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    Santosh Kumar says :

    2020-09-14 08:27:08

    B Square wall clocks are just amazing and make the best collection in ethnic choices. Branded wall clocks by B Square makes the interior more attractive.


  • Avatar

    Lambert says :

    2019-02-21 23:06:55


    j’ai achète un coucou chez vous, la petite aiguille ne tourne plus, lorsque on tourne la grande aiguille, le coucou même après un reset ne sonne plus à la bonne heure.A avez vous un service après vente?

    Que dois je faire?

    merci de votre réponse 

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